Certified coach (ICF), psychodrama director (ÖAGG), psychological counsellor (Lebens- und Sozialberaterin – Psychologische Beraterin, WKO), economist and social researcher (PhD, LSE)

Coach and social researcher for a “flourishing life for all”

My name, Lelkes, means enthusiastic or spirited in Hungarian. I started my life with this gift. It is a manifesto I love to live.

I am an economist, social scientist and a certified coach, and I am enthusiastic about integrating these two worlds: that of the common good and that of individuals´ lives and passions.

As a coach, I support people in their inner transformation for the sake of a flourishing life for themselves – and for all. I think that a flourishing life requires individuals, who fully awaken to their creative freedom, become masters of their joy, and live in supportive friendships and communities. My main method is the Theatre of the Soul, where people play nothing less and nothing more than themselves, and connect to their intuitive wisdom beyond their minds and their everyday consciousness. Serious change can be playful.

As social scientist and writer, my aim is to explore the narrative of a new, flourishing life on earth. This life is a happy life, but at the same time caring as well, not harming others or the planet. It is socially just (ensuring a social minimum for all), and ecologically safe (respecting the planetary boundaries). Current research interests: post-growth economy and society, solidarity economy, flourishing life for all, subjective well-being, sufficiency, fair consumption, values, sustainable human development, participative and community-based initiatives.

I am seeking ways to support societal, communal and individual transformations for a flourishing life for all.

Three key dimensions of such flourishing future in my view:

  • autonomy and creativity – instead of the illusion of freedom;
  • joy and inner peace – instead of short-term pleasure seeking and addictions;
  • supportive relationships and communities – instead of egoism, exploitation and mistrust.

Let us create a living narrative of a flourishing life on earth!

Working Languages

English, German, Hungarian


  • Certified coach of the International Coach Federation, Solution-focused brief coaching method by Solutionsurfers
  • Psychodrama Leader (1000 hours, 8 years), MPE, ÖAGG, Australian College of Psychodrama
  • Family and Couple Therapy (500 hours, 4 years)
  • PhD, Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), United Kingdom
  • MSc, Social Policy, LSE, United Kingdom
  • MSc Economics, Corvinus University Budapest, Hungary

Further education and interests

  • Psychodramatic Organizational Constellations Curriculum with Roswitha-Riepl under the ÖAGG (Österreichische Arbeitskreis für Gruppentherapie und Gruppendinamik)
  • Train the Trainers, Global Ecovillage Network
  • Action-oriented group coaching training with Gabriella Szabo, MCC International Coach Federation
  • Psychodrama advanced training with Dr. Max G. Clayton, Director of the Australian College of Psychodrama
  • Family and couple therapy workshops with in-depth topics: Imago Therapy, Psychopathology, Development psychology, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Sexual Grounding Therapy
  • Family constellation workshops
  • various conscious dance practices
  • Ashtanga yoga since 2005
  • cycling in the city
  • FoodCoop: founding member and collaborator
  • bottom-up, participative neighbourhood circles

Social Researcher – professional highlights

  • Deputy Director, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Vienna a non-profit organization working under the auspices of the United Nations
  • Head of Economic Research Division at the Hungarian Ministry of Finance
  • Country delegate at the Economic Policy Committee (EPC) of the European Council.
  • Doctoral studies, teaching and research at the London School of Economics, London;
  • Research and collaboration with international networks in the fields of positive psychology, quality of life, sustainability and social transformation
  • Lecturer and author of numerous scientific publications.