The Reclaiming Success on-line course invites you to explore and transform your personal convictions and strategies of “success” in a small interactive group, with bringing awareness on the possibly adverse effects of collective and mainstream norms that often remain a blind spot. Building on the scientific and intellectual approach outlined in the book Sustainable Hedonism the course offers a space for personal reflection, insight and transformative learning.

Do you sometimes feel like one or more of these statements below?

  • I don’t know whether I am a success.
  • I don’t know if I am doing the right thing with my life.
  • Conversations about my career or about life purpose are painful to me, and I often feel that either I am doing the wrong thing or I don’t know how to talk about why I am doing what I am doing.
  • I feel weak in the midst of systemic crisis phenomena like the consequences of the pandemic, social and racial divides, and the destruction of natural beauty.

Reclaiming Success will empower you:

  • to create and fully own your own personal narrative of success;
  • to know what you are doing in life and why – even if you are simply exploring a mystery;
  • to make a major step to a new awesome way of being where you feel motivated, active and feel that you can make a creative contribution to a better world;
  • to have the sense that your actions and efforts are meaningful and contribute to a good life for all.

In this course, you can step out of your daily routines, and reflect on the fundamental driving force of your strivings in business, work and your actions: what is “success” for you? You can become more aware on the (often restrictive and harmful) impact of cultural, mainstream economic, ancestral, workplace or community receipts of “success” on your own life.

In a small, supportive group and with the help of personal exercises and practices, you will explore how you can create an alternative story of success, more aligned to your own current values and aspirations. You can become aware which internal and external forces support you in your endeavour. As a result, you may get useful insights for your dilemmas and next steps in your professional and private life.

Methods and our approach

  • our integrated method is based on solution-focused coaching, action-oriented coaching, psychological role theory, mindfulness techniques and group exchange
  • solution-focused coaching offers an efficient toolbox that reinforces personal character strength, skills, and focuses on the desirable outcomes
  • action-oriented coaching moves beyond cognitive understanding and engages the body, the emotions and intuitions, and thereby able to reveal blind spots, release deadlocks and support the emergence of surprising creative new solutions
  • psychological role theory enables the exploration of inner parts that may drive or hinder personal transformation
  • as facilitators, we do not give advice or impose our visions, rather respect and reinforce individual autonomy, choice and wisdom
  • we ensure that individual reflection and exploration is helped by a supportive, safe and creative group culture
  • we support the emergence of collective wisdom in the group, where the insights of individual group members catalyse and inspire others, creating a field of group awareness that is more than the awareness of its individual members.

Whom this course is for…

  • business(wo)men, economists, social researchers, local and global leaders, educators and coaches who are critically examining the responsibilities of themselves and of their own fields and seeking ways in which they could be part of the solution.
  • learners who are interested in awareness-based personal and collective change.
  • people who have the mental and emotional stability and resources to engage in potentially challenging personal work and stay safe. If you have any doubt about this, please check with your doctor or health care professional
  • Reclaiming Success has a limited number of participants and is for committed explorers. It is for people who are determined to make the most of their lives, dare to ask courageously who they are and whom they could become.


1. Exploring the collective stories of success

This first week will lay the ground for the 4 modules ahead and introduce you the main methods. You will make your commitment contract for the course. You will start with mapping your collective field, its patterns and possible contradictions. You will work on bringing awareness to your current story of “success”: what do you believe as self-evident and what were told to believe. You will explore the external field around you, including social, workplace and family culture, norms and expectations. This might reveal potential blind spots of the forces driving your actions. In this module, you will meet your inner Sage, a timeless wise part of your being that can be a key driver of your progress in this journey.

2. Hopes and disappointments: promises of the collective narratives of “success” and their (unintended) consequences

You will explore some mainstream economic and social narratives and their impact on your life. These  include radical hedonism and status. Radical hedonism claims that “you can buy happiness”, “unlimited indulgence is good life”, “the more the better”. You will explore the impact and potential drawbacks of these narratives on your life, including overweight and oversized desires and wants, craving/ addiction or the sense of lack of meaning in general. The collective promise of status holds that “anyone can make it”, “we can all be aristocrats”. It may result an endless rat race, and blaming the losers or a sense of shame if you are not on the top (whatever that may be). You will be able to discuss and reveal some hurtful external or internalized expectations on your life. As a result, you will you gain a greater control over your own time, attention and money.

3. What should grow? A new story of growth

In this module we explore the new story of growth. Collectively, there is a gradual shift of awareness from GDP growth to people-centred and alternative economic approaches. What is the current state of your personal evolutionary process at your current stage of life? You will formulate your own personal manifesto of “success” and “growth”, spotting potential contradictions or unresolved questions. You will work on these contradictions and questions, in order to lay the sound foundations for a successful life that brings you joy, fulfillment and does not harm yourself or others.

4. Visions and hopes for the future

At the closing module we will bring all the elements together, assess what we have learnt. You will be able to integrate your experiences, learning on your journey. You will work on how to create and manifest your new story of success in the world today. How can your inner Sage can help you in your efforts? You will devise strategies and next steps in your work or private life.

In honour of your learning journey in Reclaiming Success, you’ll receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.


Group sessions: 4 sessions, 3 hours each, every second week

Individual practice: 15 minutes daily, based on our guidance and practices of your choice

Background literature

Chapters 1 and 2 of Sustainable Hedonism      


Orsolya Lelkes, Author of Sustainable Hedonism, independent scholar, psychological counsellor, certified business coach (ICF ACC)



Feedback from clients and participants

“I was able to bring movement into a stagnant situation simply and directly. Orsolya Lelkes was a sensitive and competent guide in this process.”


“Orsolya is spirited, dynamic and convincing. Her work is characterized by readiness for action, an active focus on the client, and the search for constructive solutions. Orsolya is a person with inner depths, with a profoundly spiritual personal experience, interest and knowledge. She is honest to herself and the surrounding world, and to the other person who is engaged in the meeting. At the same time, however, she expects the same attitude from the other party. During her career, she has gained a PhD in Social Policy, as well as qualifications as a psychodrama leader, solution-focused brief coach. Her personality and professional skills guarantee a high level of competence. I recommend her wholeheartedly and without hesitation.”


“My concerns have started to shift – not in the sense of setting intentions or writing lists of pros and cons, but in the sense of a desire which becomes clearer, a greater joy and very specific pragmatic steps in everyday life. My earlier ‘I should’ or ‘I must’ has turned into a clear ‘I want’. In my joint work with Orsolya Lelkes I have appreciated her conversation skills – a good blend of expert skills, presence, clear structure and infectious enthusiasm.”


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