”Orsolya is spirited, dynamic and convincing. Her work is characterized by readiness for action, an active focus on the client, and the search for constructive solutions. Orsolya is a person with inner depths, with a profoundly spiritual personal experience, interest and knowledge. She is honest to herself and the surrounding world, and to the other person who is engaged in the meeting. At the same time, however, she expects the same attitude from the other party. Her personality and professional skills guarantee a high level of competence. I recommend her wholeheartedly and without hesitation.”

Dr András Harsányi, PhD (Senior Physicist, Head of the Department of Psychiatry II, Nyirő Gyula Hospital, Budapest)

“What do I notice following a brief coaching session with Dr Orsolya Lelkes?

My concerns have started to shift – not in the sense of setting intentions or writing lists of pros and cons, but in the sense of a desire which became clearer, a greater joy and very specific pragmatic steps in everyday life. My earlier ‘I should’ or ‘I must’ has turned into a clear ‘I want’. In my joint work with Orsolya Lelkes I have appreciated her conversation skills – a good blend of expert skills, presence, clear structure and infectious enthusiasm.”

Christine Findeis-Dorn (Coach and Supervisor, Wiesbaden)

“Orsolya – with her empathy and her visual solutions – helped me to reach new realizations, which brought a breakthrough for me. I saw that ‘flowers grow in the swamp and in the cracks of rocks’ – I have many more possibilities than I thought before the session.”

Beáta Oborny (Biologist Researcher and University Lecturer at ELTE, Budapest)

“My life took a major turn, thanks to you. I had a date and will have another one, with the same lady, but our meeting was completely different. I felt mutuality, joy, respect and acceptance.”

Zoltán Varga (Vienna)

“I think back with some wistfulness to those Saturdays, which felt like warm, balmy days to me. I very much miss the state of being we shared together: stepping out from the daily routine and supporting each other without self-interest. It is about a year ago that we were in that somewhat strange house. I wonder if I thanked you for accompanying me since that day in my pregnancy, in my maturation as a mother, and for taking care of me.”

Krisztina Tasnádi (Vienna)