“When an inner situation is not made conscious it appears outside as fate.”

Carl Gustav Jung (1875 –1961)

The foundation of a flourishing life is the person with inner freedom, who realizes that he/she  is a co-creator of this world, and he/she wants to act in a conscious way.

As a coach, I offer support for this.


  • living a flourishing life;
  • unlocking the natural flow of creative power;
  • learning and experiencing joyful life, without denying challenges or hard feelings or other current experiences;
  • establishing and nourishing supportive, positive relationships in private life or at work;
  • choices, dilemmas related to social participation, activism and the promotion of the public good.


Solution-focused coaching, using specific relevant methods: sociometry, psychodramatic constellation work, role training, depending on the client’s needs and affinities. This method is efficient, as it focuses on the resources of the clients, and connects them to their intuitive wisdom, beyond their everyday mindset. The focus of the session is chosen by the client. The coach is bound by the professional obligation of confidentiality. The safe and friendly atmosphere offers an opportunity for meeting your inner self in a new way, and be kind, curious and playful to yourself during this process.


A friendly coaching room at the heart of Vienna.


One-to-one coaching consists of at least one clearly structured, solution-focused session. Usually, 3–4 coaching sessions, with an interval of a few weeks between each session, are productive, but the actual length of the process depends on the client’s needs and goals.  Each session lasts 60 or 90 minutes.